Affiliate Marketing Schools

What to look For?

If you searched for Affiliate Marketing Schools to start as an affiliate marketer, you no doubt discovered that there are an overwhelming number of websites to choose from.

Because of the extensive income potential associated with affiliate internet marketing, many grabbed the opportunity to develop and sell e-books about this. Unfortunately the majority of the e-books found on affiliate marketing is poorly written, contains outdated information, in many cases is just a rehash of another e-book about this topic, and is absolute junk. You will typically find that these products are imbedded with multiple links to other products to maximize the earning potential for the seller, and newbie affiliate marketers often falls into this trap by buying more and more, without getting any returns on their investment.

How To Find Real Value

There are several affiliate marketing schools providing real value for affiliate marketers, both newbie and experienced. These affiliate marketing schools will charge a monthly subscription fee and will provide you with written and video tutorials, and will also supply 24/7/365 online support to assist an affiliate marketer with any problems they experience. Look for Affiliate marketing schools that will also provide their members access to their members forum, where they will be able to meet and share information on all aspects of the school and affiliate marketing with other students. The value of the information and support on these forums cannot be overemphasized, and it will keep you updated on the most recent developments in the ever changing and dynamic topic of affiliate internet marketing. Look for programs where you pay a monthly fee for full access to their tutorials, membership forums and affiliate marketing tools. This will allow you to cancel the membership if you are not satisfied, or when you feel that you achieved what you were looking for.

Which Type Of Affiliate Marketing Schools To Avoid

It is my advice to steer clear of affiliate marketing schools where you are requested or forced to pay upfront for a specified number of hours of personal tutoring, where you are telephonically convinced to join, or where you have to purchase material. Normally with these type affiliate marketing schools you will not receive any access to a student’s forum, because they do not want you to get feedback on the program from other users. Where affiliate marketing schools have professional telemarketers, they need them for a reason, and it is because they do not provide value for money as the majority of your fee will go towards marketing and not towards teaching. Definitely and at all cost avoid affiliate marketing schools that charge a once off fee for lifetime membership.


Remember affiliate internet marketing is a dynamic, changing environment and it is important to get the latest information, and to ensure that you keep up to date with developments. Always join an affiliate marketing school where you get the most value for your money. The best Affiliate Marketing Schools charge between about $29 and $60 per month and will provide written and video tutorials, support, access to members forums and access to resources and tools.

The two programs that I will recommend as the top affiliate marketing schools is in my resource box but you can also visit my website.